Sixty-nine years ago today the victorious powers ordered the mass deportation (Vertreibung) of ethnic Germans from Hungary

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sixty-nine years ago today, the "victorious powers" and those profited from the second world war imposed a harsh collective punishment on Hungary's innocent ethnic-German population by ordering the deportation of tens of thousands of them (the very same powers also ordered the deportation of ethnic Hungarians from the neighboring countries). Ethnic Germans have lived in Hungary for centuries greatly contributing to the development of Hungarian economy and culture.

Here are the names of some remarkable Hungarian-German men and women who greatly enriched Hungarian culture:

Aulich Lajos, Lahner György, Poeltenberg Ernő, Leiningen-Westerburg Károly, Schweidel József, Bajor Gizi, Jászai Mari, Blaha Lujza, Honthy Hanna, Karády Katalin, Ganz Ábrahám, Mechwart András, Hess András, Zala György, Ybl Miklós, Semmelweis Ignác, Liszt Ferenc, Erkel Ferenc, Mosonyi Mihály, Gárdonyi Géza, Toldy Ferenc, Tormay Cécile.

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