The first all Hungarian made satellite Masat-1 reenters the earth's atmosphere Saturday morning and burns up

Friday, January 9, 2015

The first all Hungarian made cube satellite exceeded all expectations of its designers. Originally, it was made to stay in orbit for a few months but it has been circling earth for almost 3-years sending tons of valuable data to developers.

According to design team member Levente Dudas, it is likely that Masat-1 will enter the earth's atmosphere sometime between Friday 10 pm and Saturday 3 am and burns up.

On entering the Earth's atmosphere the friction heats up the satellite shutting down its onboard electronic systems, and then, it burns up completely.

Masat-1 research team sent out an invitation to radio amateurs asking them to try to record the last signal of the satellite before its electronic system shuts down for good. Radio amateurs helped the design team in the past three years identifying Masat-1 broadcast signals many times.

The Dean of Budapest University of Technology and Economics László Vajta said at a press-conference that the Masat project did not come to an end but it would continue. Masat-2, which is already in heavy development will be significantly larger than its predecessor; the goal of the developers is to extend the experiments based on the knowledge Masat-1 provided to the design team.

Masat-1 has been developed by a research team at Budapest University of Technology and Economics. The satellite was put in orbit by the European Space Agency (ESA) Vega launcher in February 2012. The research team - including many students - has worked on the project for five years.

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