The number of asylum seekers dramatically increased in Hungary in 2014

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Forty-two thousand asylum applications handed in 2014 in Hungary, which is a dramatic increase from the 19 thousand a year earlier said the Director General of Immigration and Citizenship Office Zsuzsanna Végh.

In 2012, 2157 asylum applications were processed by Immigration and Citizenship Office; in 2013, 18,900 and last year 42,777 migrant requested asylum in Hungary. This year more than three thousand asylum applications have already been submitted in Hungary.

More than half of the asylum seekers are economic migrants. Refugee claimants from 79 countries handed in asylum applications last year in Hungary; half of the applicants came from Kosovo, 20 percent from Afghanistan, and 16 percent from Syria. More than half of the application procedures had be suspended, because the asylum seeker had left the country before his application was evaluated. Luckily, migrants use Hungary as a transit country.

Ten percent of all applications had been rejected and only slightly more than one percent of applicants (503) received some form of preferential treatment last year.

During this period the number of foreigners living in Hungary - in part because some acquired citizenship - fell by about 3 percent.

The European Union should review asylum rules that do not respond to current challenges. The EU rules on immigration are based on the experiences of the host countries, and do not take into account the situation of transit countries like Hungary said Director General Zsuzsanna Végh.

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Anonymous said...

Do not allow non-Europeans to settle in your country, such as Afghans and Arabs, they have destroyed France, England and Much of America.

Géza said...

See how foreigners lecture us in our own country....

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How long will we accept this liberal left ideology and third world immigrants demanding and insulting us on our own streets and stay cowards in our own country?

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