The Vice-President of the Hungarian Olympic Committee shot himself after he was diagnosed with incurable cancer

Monday, January 5, 2015

The vice-President of the Hungarian Olympic Committee, the President of the Hungarian Kickboxing Association and the vice-President of the International Kickboxing Federation Richard Leyrer († 66) committed suicide after he was diagnosed with cancer confirmed the deceased's widow.

He could not have endured the cancer treatments and the gradual deterioration of his condition said his widow Julia; he wanted to be remembered as a strong leader.

"My husband was a rock, he could not have endured his vulnerability during treatments. He wanted to be remembered as a strong leader," said the deceased's widow, Júlia Szabó, whom he married 33 years ago.

There was no indication he wanted to kill himself during the Christmas holiday; no one suspected that this would be his last New Year's Eve with his family because he didn't tell anyone he was diagnosed with an incurable disease. "I am grateful for his courageous act and the fact that he did not let his loved ones suffer because of his disease," told his widow to

Richard Leyrer started his career in boxing, but later, he switched to kickbox and karate. After completing his law degree, he worked as a police officer and entrepreneur; later as president of the Hungarian Kickbox Federation helped advancing Hungarian kickbox.

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