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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Photo: Jana Knedlíkova, Ambros Martín, Ernő Kelecsényi and Tamires Morena

The head-coach of double BL champion Győri Audi ETO KC women's handball team Ambros Martín signed a 3 year contract with the club. Officials also confirmed that the club acquired two new players - 25 year-old Czech national team member Jana Knedlíkova and 20 year-old Brazilian national team member Tamires Morena.

Last fall two key players of the club Adrienn Orbán and Eduarda Amorim suffered hamstring tear, because of this the club had to acquire two substitute players.

Twenty-five-year-old, 59-times Czech national team member Jana Knedlikova remains with Győri Audi ETO until the end of the season, while 20-year-old Brazilian national team member Tamires Morena signed a three and a half year contract with the club.

"We've already watched Knedlikova for quite some time. Replacing Eduarda Amorim however is impossible, but we are confident that the young Tamires Morena will be able at least partially replace her especially in defense work. The goal is to build a winning team from the new players with whom we can maintained our original goal of the season," said Club President Ernő Kelecsényi.

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