Three young people have been sentenced to suspended jail term in addition, they are ordered to read two books written on Jews and Gypsies

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Three young people, who vandalized publicly installed menorahs in several places in Budapest during Hanuka celebration in November 2013, have been sentenced to suspended jail term.

As an extra punishment the judge "ordered them to read two books: Hungarians and Jews by Ferenc Fejtő (Fejtő Ferenc Magyarság, zsidóság) and Questions and Answers about Gypsies by Gábor Fleck and Péter Szuhay (Fleck Gábor és Szuhay Péter, Kérdések és válaszok a cigányságról).

In addition, the boys have to maintain a reading log, in which they have to summarize their thoughts on the content of the books then present the log to the probation officer for evaluation.

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Géza said...

the try to indoctrinate these young people with liberal left, political correct minority worship.

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