Transcarpathians flee the country to avoid being sent to the Eastern front

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Mobilization in Transcarpathia encounters unexpected difficulties. According to Ukrainian military sources, 75 percent of Transcarpathian reservists left the country because they don't want to fight for Euro-Atlantic interests.

So far only a fraction of draft-cards has been delivered to reservists as relatives of the conscripts claim that the recipients reside abroad.

According to sources, it is extremely suspicious that a few days prior to the mobilization about 75 per cent of Transcarpathian reservists almost simultaneously employed in the neighboring countries.

The first phase of military mobilization in Ukraine began on January 20. According to the legislation, men between the ages of 25-60, who are already over the mandatory military service and received basic training can be drafted into the Ukrainian army.

According to sources, in the next 90 days approximately three thousand reservists will be drafted into the Ukrainian army from Transcarpathia. The army urgently needs tank drivers, radio operators, gunners, and rocket launchers.

Days prior to the draft proposal, news about mobilization spread like wildfire on Internet and other social media networks calling on potential conscripts to flee the country.

The leader of the pro-Russian people's militia of Donetsk said on Friday that he was not willing to compromise any longer with Ukrainian forces to conclude a cease-fire; he announced that the people's militia would launch a major offensive in south-eastern Ukraine in the near future to place the region under firm control.

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