World's foremost horse archer Lajos Kassai prepares Hollywood actor Matt Damon for his next movie role

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Damon's next movie has all the potential to become a Hollywood blockbusters; the movie will be shot in China and the role requires the actor to shoot with a bow while riding horses.

Kassai released a photo of the Hollywood actor and himself posing at his estate remarking that he was very satisfied with the advancement of the actor: "Matt is an exceptional talent and a fast learner."

The film called "The Great Wall" will be directed by Zhang Yimou. The last version of the script written by Tony Gilroy. The film depicts the mysteries surrounding the construction of the Great Wall of China.

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Anonymous said...

matt damon is a loser, He found out that nobody cares about him after his anti american 2nd ammendment bashing rants, so he is trying to do the same as every hollywood liberals: Trying to find a new role of being a national hero of any culture.
Do not worry matt! Noone will watch this movie either. You can go and suck up to obama not to cut your social security check when you are all burned out at the age of 70.
Lajos Kassai obviously does not know that this kid is'nt even half the man he is. Lajos do not waste your time man!

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