A swamp-dwelling baby sitatunga antelope was born in Nyíregyháza Zoo

Monday, February 16, 2015

A swamp-dwelling sitatunga antelope mother gave birth to a baby after eight months of pregnancy in Nyíregyháza Zoo. After a moment the baby antelope already stood up; this capability to stand up immediately after birth is necessary in the African wilderness where countless predators lurking.

The sitatunga antelope is a particularly graceful animal, it lives in the swampy areas of Central Africa; however, its habitat is shrinking, and in several places it is already extinct.

This particular antelope species lives a semi-aquatic lifestyle; it swims well, and it can dive if it feels danger or when feeding.

The sitatunga male can grow up to 120-pound almost twice as high as the female. It has long, 50-90 cm horns and has brown fur, which is much darker than the red female fur.

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