Close to ten thousand Ukrainian troops encircled near Debalcevo

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

One of Transcarpathia's most influential politicians Viktor Baloga, warned Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in a letter of the consequences if large number of Ukrainian troops die in the army offensive into rebel held territories calling on the president to save the troops.

The politician revealed that Munkács infantry brigade of which Kiev refuse to give any information ordered into the region! – currently, close to ten thousand Ukrainian troops encircled near Debalcevo south-east Ukraine by rebel forces.

So far at least ten Transcarpathian Hungarian died in the fighting in the Donbass region. Ukrainian officials don't publish official list or public statistics of the losses; the origin of the dead soldiers can be guessed only by looking at their names.

The names of 38 dead Ukrainian solders were published on Saturday of which three had Hungarian names. But Munkács and Ungvár news portals learned that in the past few days, at least 10 Transcarpathian troops were killed in the fighting.

Ukrainian military officials admitted on Sunday that during the lull in the fighting rebels encourage Ukrainian troops to surrender by using loud speakers an leaflets.

Advancing rebel forces offering fair treatment for those who surrendered; the rebels drop Russian, Hungarian, Polish and Romanian language leaflets to Ukrainian controlled area telling ordinary solders to stop fighting for oligarchs and power-hungry madmen. obtained a copy of the Hungarian language leaflet.

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