Close to two hundred and fifty illegal immigrants have been apprehended near Győr

Monday, February 2, 2015

Two hundred and forty-nine Kosovo citizens have been apprehended by police near Győr Monday morning; the illegal immigrants wanted to travel to Vienna by train. At the moment the migrants are kept in the train station waiting room under police guard told Győr-Moson-Sopron County Police press officer to MTI news agency.

The press-officer said all migrants wanted to travel to Austria without valid travel documents. The men, women and children are currently waiting for buses to take them to a safe place - added the press officer without specifying the exact location.

The trains run on schedule, but the Révai street section between the prison and the town hall closed off in both direction.

The interpreter said all migrants left their country for economic reasons; many of them even sold their homes in Kosovo. According to, most of the families had already been shipped to the Debrecen refugee camp.

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Géza said...

why did they stop them and make them stay in Hungary?? Let those people go to the West, keeping them in Hungary is causing problems for us Hungarians and it takes a lot of taxpayers money. While our healthsytem for example is collapsing...

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