Commemoration flight around the Mediterranian sea with Magnus Fusion, the all Hungarian developed light aircraft

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Magnus Fusion, the all Hungarian developed light aircraft took off from Kecskemét's airport to fly Zoltan Földi and photographer Kálmán Hankusz around the Mediterranean Sea.

The 12 thousand kilometers flight affecting 15 countries commemorating to a Hungarian record set 82 years ago by Antal Bánhidi and Tibor Bisits.

The aircraft performs exceptionally well, but first, we have to fly across the country to obtain flight permit. We use this opportunity to test the aircraft, and determine the amount of fuel required for the long-distance flight said Kálmán Hankusz.

The aircraft is exceptionally mobile and nimble and it needs a very short runway to take off or land safely. It is very light and agile and its cabin has been designed to provide a nice panoramic view of the landscape Hankusz added.

More photos:Magnus Expedition

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