Due to lack of money shopping carts are used at Szeged University Pediatric Center to transport child patients

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Incredible, but it is true, Szeged University Pediatric Center uses shopping carts to transport child patients between hospital wards for many years. The budget of the clinic doesn't allow hospital management to buy stretchers so the Pediatric Center had to deploy shopping carts that they got for free from a supermarket chain nearly 20 years ago.

We introduced shopping carts into the systems after the situation became untenable in 1998; before, nurses and doctors transported patients on foot between hospital wards said Professor László Praefort (73) who worked in the children clinic until his retirement in 2010.

We started introducing shopping carts into the clinic during the supermarket boom in the 1990s; after making close inspections of these handy devices we realized that we could use them quite efficiently. I remember going to the shopping center the first time begging to a store owner to donate some to us; eventually, he gave us five shopping carts free of charge said the professor.

Doctors had to consider several factors before introduce them into system; for instance, they had to make sure that the shopping carts weren't too deep and their width were just right to fit through ward doors.

Throughout the years we developed the system to near perfection; we could even attach oxygen cylinders and other life saving equipment to the shopping carts said the professor adding that lack of money makes people extremely ingenious.

The government has no money for health care; health workers and doctors are forced to develop strong creative abilities and problem solving skills to be able to solve challenges they have to face every day said Professor Praefort.

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