Fans all over the world getting crazy about the new Hungarian invented wearable-art technology called Tago Arc

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Tago Arc - "smart jewelry" – is a pioneering technology developed by a group of Hungarian software engineers. The wearable technology incorporates an ingenious solution, which enables short-range wireless data transfer between a piece of specially designed jewelry and mobile devices allowing wearers to dress up and personalize their jewelry with selected digital images. To get a better idea of the concept visit the product website

Mass production of Tago Arc starts at the end of this year. It is a community funded initiative and the concept has received 40,000 dollar donations so far.

Liber8 founded by software developers Zoltán Kovács, Sándor Oroján, Attila Bódogh Gábor Kurucz and Attila Kedem as well as designer Bátri Ferenc and Communication Director Nikoletta Szirmay.

“Our products contain advanced technologies such as e-ink display and an NFC chip that only consumes a tiny amount of energy to a level which allows it to operate without any external power source. Our first product the “tago arc” bracelet comes with a full width e-ink surface display. It has the amazing flexibility of fitting the wearer’s mood and outfit. The user can simply download a picture or create a slogan on his/her smartphone’s tago app and transfer it to the user’s wrist without any chord.

tago stands for 'tag on' a shorter version of our vision of the future with #NObutton#NOcord#NOcharge technologies.”

You can pre-order Tago Arc right now by visiting the product website.

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