Hungary attended the Turk World Culture Capital opening ceremony the first time

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The opening ceremony

Turksoy ("the Turk family,") each year elect the Cultural Capital of the "Turk World". All Turkic-speaking countries represented in the organization, which makes it one of the most important international cultural organizations of the world.

Due to the links between the Hun-Avar-Hungarian cultures and the ancient Turkic cultures Hungary has been invited to the opening ceremony of the event that took place in Merv, Turkmenistan.

Merv is one of the world's oldest cities. It was already a settlement in the Neolithic period. Oghuz-Turkic tribes settled in the area in the eleventh century. This was a center of the huge Seljuk Turk nomadic empire ruled by Sultan Sanjar who was also buried there.

The opening ceremony attended by delegations from all Turkic states (Turkmenistan, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan) as well as several autonomous republics and regions including Gagauzia, Baskíria, Tatarstan, Jakutia - Tuva - and the Altai Republic. Also represented by the Turkish communities of the Balkan countries of Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Bosnia.

Hungary has been represented by the Hungarian-Turan Foundation led by Anthropologist Zsolt András Bíró, the head of the organization.

Members of the Hungarian delegation presented a music performance at the opening ceremony, which included a shaman drum performance, a Hungarian folk dance performed with sabers accompanied by drumming as well as an archery performance. The Hungarian presentation had a resounding success and it was featured in the evening television news as well.

The Hungarian delegation

The performance of the Hungarian delegation

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