Hungary the turn of the 19-20th century

Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Buda Castle and the former Franz Joseph bridge. Today, it is called Liberty bridge; it was opened to the public in 1896

Collection of postcards of Hungary the turn of the 19-20th century preserved by the Washington Congress library. The US National Library is the world's largest library of it kind; it holds over 125 million pieces of collected materials including a number of Hungary-related documents.

The Várkertbazár built according to plans of Miklos Ybl in the Neo-Renaissance style between 1875 and 1883. Originally it functioned as a trading center its arcades were filled with shops. From 1890 until 1895 it functioned as an Historical Exhibition Place, and was the home to sculptor studios

Budapest Grand Boulevard (Nagykőrút). In the foreground to the former National Theatre, in the back the New York Palace

Debrecen, Main Street. The former Market Street, in the background the Reformed Church

Miskolc in bird's eye view. In the forefront the Avas reformed church tower

The Miskolc Kossuth statue. To the right the Elizabeth bath against the backdrop of the Reformed Church of Avas

Esztergom. The Cathedral and the Primate's Palace

Visegrád. The Visegrád citadel and the Solomon Tower

Nagyvárad. The main market square and St. László square with the king's statue

Herkulesbad. Herkulesfürdő, the old bath house and the military hospital in the foreground with the Statue of Hercules

Hermannstadt. Saxon family in folk dress in former St. Szenterzsébet, in German Hammersdorf, which today is part of of Nagyszeben

Kronstadt. View of Brassó with the Black church, which was named after a fire in April 21, 1689

The National Theatre of Kassa built in a baroque style designed by Adolf Láng and Mihály Répászky the two renowned Kassa architects between 1897 and 1899

Hotels at Csorba Lake in the High Tatras

Tarpatakfüred. The former Rose hotel in the High Tatras in the Nagy-Tarpatak Valley

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