Jobbik Mezőtúr city council member disciplined for his derogatory remarks on gypsies

Monday, February 9, 2015

Jobbik President Gábor Vona disciplined Jobbik Mezőtúr city council member János Kötél who won the weekend municipal by-election.

Years ago, Kötél made some derogatory remarks on gypsies on Facebook and the corporate media made a big fuss about the issue.

As a result, Gábor Vona ordered the newly elected member of Mezőtúr city council to move in for 3 days with Jobbik party Hajdúszoboszló Regional President Kálmán Jónás who happens to belong the gypsy minority.

Jobbik President Gábor Vona made crystal clear that the Jobbik party disagreed with those remarks.

Vona emphasized that the remarks made years ago when liberal sponsored anti-gypsy hysteria campaign was in full swing; yet, those circumstances don't make the remarks any less offensive.

Vona argued that his decision was justified because "everyone must understand that Jobbik is not an anti-Roma party, it fights against anti-social behavior regardless who perpetrates those acts - gypsies or Hungarians."

The party doesn't have a single proposition and never will be that makes any distinction between Hungarian citizens stressed Vona adding that he was confident that János Kötél by moving in with the highly respected gypsy member and local leader of Jobbik party will gain a better understanding of the issues and will conduct his future work in the spirit of cooperation.

Kötél has already indicated that he will comply with the request.

(Note: This example clearly indicates that currently, Jobbik is the only party in Hungarian parliament that keeps its promises to the people – no action can remain without consequences regardless who commits those acts. In the case of other parties, when a party member violates the rule of conduct the party leadership usually sweeps the issue under the carpet rather than disciplining the offending person.)

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