Neither Germany nor Hungary supply Ukraine with weapons

Monday, February 2, 2015

At a joint press-conference in Budapest German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán confirmed that both sides see negotiations as the only acceptable solution to the Ukrianian crisis.

The German chancellor and the Hungarian prime minister confirmed that weapon shipments to Ukraine is out of question.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said the two sides among other things discussed the Russian-Ukrainian conflict; the Hungarian side has a very firm position on the issue "we Hungarians can support only a peaceful resolution of the crisis," - Hungary therefore, opposes any solution that deepens the conflict.

There are three main reasons that Hungary supports a peaceful resolution of the Ukrainian conflict: 1. Ukraine is a neighboring country, 2. Hungary receives Russian gas shipments through Ukraine and 3. more than 200 thousand Hungarians living in Ukraine.

Replying to a question, the prime minister remarked that not all forms of democracy necessarily liberal - if anyone says that all forms of democracy must be necessarily liberal in other words, if he claims a privileged status for that interpretation we disagree with that. The prime minister added that he will represent this view on democracy at every international forum.

Regarding Hungary's energy policy, the prime minister stressed that Hungary's more dependent on Russian gas shipments than Germany. This year, a long-term gas contract expires – today, Russia is the only country that supplies natural gas to Hungary.

The two sides discussed briefly the issue of cooperation between the EU and the Eurasian Economic Union said the prime minister; both sides agree that expanding trade relations and the possibility of establishing a common economic space must be examined. The prime minister added, it must be taken into account that Russia has vast natural resources and the fact that Russia is Hungary's main energy supplier.

Regarding the strategic and historical horizon of Europe, I can't imagine a European Union that refuses to incorporate Russia's vast natural resources and raw materials into its trade strategies said Orbán. Therefore, Hungary supports the German chancellor's position on cooperation with the Eurasian Economic Union, which serves not only Hungarian, but also pan-European interests. Such cooperation would solve Hungary's future problems said the prime minister.

Angela Merkel concluded her official trip to Hungary by visiting the Budapest synagogue where she met the leaders of the Hungarian Jewish community discussing the fight against antisemitism and other issues including education.

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