PM Viktor Orbán: The country might become a big refugee camp if we don't act right now

Friday, February 13, 2015

Anyone, who illegally crossing the border, no matter for what reason has to be taken into custody immediately said PM Viktor Orbán in an interview with Kossuth Radio on Friday.

The prime minister proposes the passing of a legislation that allows police to take custody everyone who illegally crossing the border, and deport the individual immediately otherwise, the country becomes a big refugee camp.

Mounted police patrolling the Hungarian-Serbian border

We need a clear authorization to pass such a legislation from the Hungarian public he added.

Orbán recalled that Hungary had such legislation before, but the European Union ordered the withdrawal the law.

Debrecen refugee camp

The prime minister stressed that Austria and Germany were going to change their rules on immigration very soon, which means that refugees arrived in Hungary won't be able to travel to those countries, in other words "they will get trapped here."

"If we don't have the appropriate legislation, which allows us to take migrants into custody and deport them immediately, then Hungary become a refugee camp" said Orbán stressing that this situation should be avoided at all costs.

Debrecen refugee camp

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