Police took 1,269 illegal migrants into custody on Friday

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Police took a total of 1,269 illegal migrants into custody on Friday in Csongrád county reported the county's police spokesman on Saturday.

Among those apprehended 1,233 came from Kosovo, 6 from Syria, 14 from Pakistan and 16 from Afghanistan. The largest group of migrants (153) crossed the Hungarian-Serbian border near Ásotthalom said the spokesman.

In 2012, 2,157 illegal immigrants applied for asylum in Hungary; this number dramatically increased in 2013 exceeding 18,900. The data for 2014 still not available, but it is worth pointing out that in the past two days of this month more illegal immigrants crossed the border than in the whole year of 2012.

In addition one hundred and thirty-three Kosovo citizens apprehended at Eastern Railway Station Saturday morning for wanting to travel to Austria by high-speed trains without valid travel documents.

The police action against the illegal immigrants is still under way nation wide reported the National Police Headquarters.

Unfortunately, Hungary is obliged under EU law to apprehend illegal immigrants wanting to travel to western Europe without valid travel documents.

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Anonymous said...

Why so many from Kosovo? They fought to have a own country and now they a leaving it? And by looking on there cloths they do not look so poor to me.....

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