State of the nation address by Jobbik President Gábor Vona

Sunday, February 1, 2015

The highlights

The event was held at Dürer center in Budapest Saturday evening and about 500 invited guests attended it including Jobbik party leadership, Jobbik MEPs, parliamentarians, city mayors and diplomats among them representatives of the Russian, Chinese, Turkish, Jordanian and Palestinian embassies.

The Jobbik politician began his speech by analyzing the Middle East and the Ukrainian crisis; he said both trouble spots continue to escalate due to the desperate efforts of the United States to maintain the unipolar world order.

The Ukrainian conflict is the more dangerous between the two, which is in fact, not even a civil war as it seems to be, but part of the ongoing US-Russian rivalry - Ukraine is only a theatre where this global contest plays itself out.

Europe and Hungary should stay out of this global competition. Europe must develop its own independent US - Russia policy. For Hungary the main concern is the safety and the security of Transcarpathian Hungarians; therefore, Hungary should remain neutral in this dispute despite country's membership in NATO.

Vona then, recalled Francis Fukuyama's famous saying about the end of history. The Jobbik leader rejected the gloomy prediction by saying that history hasn't come to an end but exactly the opposite a new phase of history is just about to start.

The real problem of Hungarian society is that the majority of the people don't feel at home in the current system.

In the spring Jobbik will launch a signature campaign asking people four questions:

Do you support the idea that workers after 40 years of employment can retire?
Do you support the idea to have free internet (within certain bandwidth limits) in every household?
Do you support the idea to declare zero tolerance for illegal immigrants?
Do you support the idea that Hungary remain neutral in a NATO-Russia war?

Jobbik is the party of peace and love, yet "the problems are radical, so Jobbik's program is radical too", but people want peace. Therefore, the new slogan of the party is "radical program - calm realization."

Vona said he was a man of peace; he likes every culture and religion in the world, and he is a great admirer of cultural diversity, but each culture is the most beautiful in its own historical context.

Jobbik designates 2015 as the year of volunteering. The Jobbik party will make mandatory for all of its MPs to do social work one day per month and offer 10 percent of their salaries for charity.

Vona also said that liberal democracy wasn't working; it suffers from demand/supply problem; in other words, there are too much supply of it but too little demand for it.

If Jobbik comes to power, it will fight against corruption on all levels. As a first step, to set an example for other politicians that hopefully follow the initiative, Jobbik members of parliament besides the mandatory declaration of their income, also declare the income and assets of all members of their households.



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