The EU worries about human rights violations in third world countries but ignores the persecution of ethnic Hungarians in Slovakia

Friday, February 27, 2015

Representative of the "Magyar Koalíció Párt" (Hungarian Coalition Party) in Brussels Pál Csáky reminded representatives at the plenary session of the European Parliament about the case of persecuted Hungarian citizen Hedvig Malina by Slovak authorities. (Slovakian ethnic Hungarian Hedvig Malina had to flee her homeland due to constant harassment by Slovakian authorities. The mother of two recalled that her little children had nightmares by seeing police officers often coming to their home handing over subpoenas to their mother.)

The politician recalled that Hedvig Malina was attacked in Nyitra in 2006 by Slovakian chauvinists simply because she spoke Hungarian. The Slovakian interior minister and Prime Minister Robert Fico said without investigating the case that the then university student was lying, and as such "hurt the reputation of Slovakia." Despite all the evidences to the contrary Slovakian authorities launched criminal proceedings against Hedvig Malina for perjury. In 2012, the government of Slovakia apologized to the girl (today a mother of two), but the court brought new criminal proceedings against her on trumped-up charges.

I find inconceivable that the European Union raises its voice against human rights violations in Venezuela, Cuba, Syria, Iraq but ignores human rights abuses in one of its member states.

The MEP asked the European Parliament to send observers to Hedvig Malina's upcoming show trial in the spring.

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