The Syrian government hiring foreign language interpreters

Monday, February 16, 2015

Thousands of foreign terrorists including Hungarian speaking ones fighting in different terrorist organizations in Syria. As a result of the Syrian army's new military campaign thousands of those terrorists have been captured, but investigators have to delay their questioning due to lack of interpreters.

The Syrian ministry of justice recently announced to hire interpreters in twenty different languages.

According to the job ad, the Syrian ministry of state is in urgent need of: English, French, German, Russian, Bulgarian, Turkish, Spanish, Armenian, Romanian, Italian, Czech, Greek, Japanese, Hindi, Persian, Chinese, Dutch, Serbian, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Portuguese and Indonesian speaking interpreters.

A Syrian court launched proceedings against more than 2500 captured foreign mercenaries. The government is looking for interpreters in the mentioned languages so that the questioning of the suspects can be started as quickly as possible.

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Géza said...

Hungarian speaking muslim fighters??? Who are they? If they turn out to be people with a immigrant background then by law they should be banned from Hungary for life and any Hungarian nationality taken from them! Nationality only should be for Hungarians not in one case for foreigners. If those muslim fighters are ethnic Hungarian (what I doubt) then put them in prison for life.

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