Torchlight procession for peace in Ukraine

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Sixty-four Counties Youth Movement (HVIM), Jobbik and Jobbik Youth Wing held a torchlight procession Monday night to protest against the forced conscription of Transcarpathian Hungarians into the Ukrainian army.

The procession started at the parliament and ended at the ministry of foreign affairs.

Protesters carried a banner with the inscription "This is not our war" and a casket symbolizing fallen Hungarian soldiers sent to the eastern front as cannon fodder to die for foreign interests.

Adrián Magvasi representing HVIM criticized the Hungarian government for not doing enough to protect ethnic Hungarians in Ukraine and the cabinet's inability to stand up against NATO and Western pressure.

Jobbik vice-President István Szávay stressed that Hungary has nothing to do with the Ukrainian civil war and therefore, the country must remain neutral in spite of its NATO obligations.

"We are absolutely opposing plans by western powers and the United States to arm the Ukrainian regime...If this happens, it is certain that the conflict will widen of which Hungary must stay out," - emphasized Szávay.

Szávay praised Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov who defended Transcarpathian Hungarians and other Ukrainian national minorities in his speech at Munich conference on security last week. The Jobbik politician said he was curious what was the United States policy on ethnic minority issues in Ukraine adding that soon, he will write a letter to US Ambassador to Hungary Colleen Bell to find out what was the US government's position on the issue.

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