"We held an honest and difficult discussion about the Ukrainian situation" - Polish Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz

Thursday, February 19, 2015

It is fundamental that the European Union and the Visegrad group maintain a united front regarding the situation in Ukraine said Polish Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz after meeting Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on Thursday in Warsaw.

"We held an honest and difficult discussion about the Ukrainian situation and the nature of relations between the European Union, the Visegrad countries and Russia as it is normal among friends. In this frank and difficult discussion I told Prime Minister Viktor Orbán that the unity of the EU member states and the Visegrad countries regarding the Ukrainian situation was essential," said the Polish prime minister in a joint press conference after the meeting.

Ewa Kopacz recalled the 1848 war of independence and Polish-Hungarian solidarity during the 1956 Hungarian Revolution.

"Poland and Hungary have always united by true friendship, which is not proverbial only. An excellent example of this is the figure of General Bem who is a common hero in both Poland and Hungary and his achievements intertwined with the history and values ​​of our countries. I'm proud that our countries after years of oppression today, members of the Western community," said the Polish prime minister.

Ewa Kopacz pointed out that the two nations 'thanks to external assistance" won their independence therefore, it is the duty of both countries to support nations now fighting for their independence.

Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz said it was fundamental from the Polish point of view to condemn "Russia's aggression against Ukraine" stressing that the Visegrad cooperation is equally important. She added that "Hungary and Poland have always lost when in international politics law replaced by violence ."

Hungary is determined to maintain Polish-Hungarian friendship said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in Warsaw on Thursday, in a joint press conference after talks with Polish Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz.

Regarding Ukraine, PM Viktor Orbán pointed out that Hungary welcomed the second Minsk agreement.

We welcome the European Union's position on this agreement, the fact that Minsk-2 has become a common European position too. Hungary will support and defend the agreement on which European unity can be built and within this context Poland can expect Hungary's full support said Prime Minister Orbán.

Weapons must be withdrawn from the war zone, and Ukraine should carry out a constitutional reform and Europe has to work with Russia to create a Eurasian economic zone said Orbán.

The Hungarian prime minister added "Poland will always occupies a special place in our hearts." This remained so even in difficult moment when due to historical circumstance Hungarians were in alliance with the enemies of Poland, "we even then found a way to sustain Polish-Hungarian friendship."

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