A few dozen foreign funded agent provocateurs tried the disrupt the peaceful celebration of the national holiday

Sunday, March 15, 2015

A few dozen foreign funded agent provocateurs marching under EU flags tried to disrupt the peaceful celebration of the national holiday at “Múzeum kert” where the crowd have been waiting for the arrival of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. As a result, a scuffle broke out among the agent provocateurs and other citizens came to hear the prime minister's speech but police separated the two sides.

Meanwhile, former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany - the first prime minister in the post 1956 era who ordered police to shoot at protesters in 2006 – in a speech at Pilvax cafe tried to whip up anti-government sentiments without any success.

Foreign funded NGOs and other foreign agents promised a huge demonstration at the national holiday hoping that they can kick off a color revolution but the fact that they could attract only a few dozen paid agents indicate that there is no public support for their provocative plan.

In his speech on Sunday the prime minister said although 167 year have passed since March 15, 1848 the fight for the country's sovereignty was not over; in this fight we can count only on ourselves said Viktor Orbán.

Freedom is an inalienable right of all nations including the right of each nation to chart its own future.

Kossuth and Petőfi would smile, if they heard that foreigners want to teach us freedom and democracy added the prime minister.

Regarding Europe, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán remarked that Hungary was part of Europe, and wanted to chart its future "with other European nations." He added that Europe today is full of questions, and Hungary has some answers to those questions.

Few hundred supporters of the globalist fringe parties rally at Eastern Station

A few hundred supporters of the globalist fringe parties – mostly pensioners – and other Hungarophobe elements staged an anti-government rally at the Eastern Station and marching towards the Astoria station under EU flags.

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Anonymous said...

The crowd should have lynched them.

Anonymous said...

The Keleti PU crowd went to Astoria. And then they just walked home in the near-by Dohany u., Wesselenyi u., Dob u., - you know - where their putrid lair is...

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