Előd Tóásó released from Bolivian jail

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Photo: Előd Tóásó and his wife Maria Elena Fortun

EFE news agency reported that Előd Tóásó and Mario Tadic released from a Bolivian prison.

Tóásó and Tadic had already left the La Paz prison Wednesday night but the information revealed only on Saturday write the Spanish news agency citing an atterney involved in the trial of other accused, who declined to identify himself.

Tóásó and Tadic accused of being involved in an armed uprising and following a plea bargain - they were sentenced to five years and ten months imprisonment.

Both accused have already served their sentences and have been released from prison reported the news agency.

Tóásó currently stays at his wife's house in La Paz and he still needs a bit of time to complete some administrative procedures necessary to leave Bolivia and return to Hungary.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade announced on Sunday that it was pleased to hear that Tóásó has been released from jail. The ministry of foreign affairs and the Baptist Service working together to help Tóásó and his wife obtaining the necessary documents that allow them to travel to Hungary in the shortest possible time.

"I guarantee that our Buenos Aires Embassy will issue the necessary documents to Tóásó and his Bolivian family members immediately so that they can travel to Hungary as soon as possible” said Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó.

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