Former Hungarian Prime Minister Gordon Bajnai may be banned from entering Russia

Saturday, March 21, 2015

According to Russian press reports, Moscow banned more than 200 American and European politicians, public officials and public figures from entering Russia among them 16 Hungarians.

Deputy spokesman of the Russian ministry of foreign affairs revealed on Friday that Russia reciprocated US gestures by banning Russian citizens from entering the United States.

It is not known exactly how many politicians affected by the ban, but most likely Former Hungarian Prime Minister Gordon Bajnai among them suggested by Russian newspaper Izvestia. (Note: Former young communist and Prime Minister of Hungary Gordon Bajani is not only Russophobe but also a known Hungarophobe; he is on the Center for American Progress' payroll, which is a US public policy research and advocacy organization closely associated with Former US State Secretary Hillary Clinton)

According to Russian press reports, the majority of those blacklisted are European politicians known for their anti-Russian phobias. At least, 60 US and 13 Canadian senior government and parliamentary politician or government official are also blacklisted.

Izvestia reported that at least 16 Hungarian citizens are also affected by the ban. These are politicians, public officials, public figures who "hold openly anti-Russian views among them a former Hungarian prime minister" (most probably Gordon Bajnai) wrote the paper.

According to sources, the blacklisted US politicians include US President Barack Obama's deputy national security adviser Caroline Atkinson and two more presidential adviser. Also on the list Republican Senator John McCain and the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Robert Menendez.

The Russian Foreign Ministry declined to name the individuals affected by the ban; it did not rule out that more politicians will be added to the list if the US and the European Union introduce new punitive measures against Russian citizens.

The European Union and the United States introduced punitive measures against Russian citizens last year after Crimea decided in a democratically held referendum to rejoin Russia.

UPDATE: suggested that instead of Bajnai Former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany could be the one that affected by the Russian government's travel ban. Gyurcsany as a prime minister kept very good relations with Putin but later he betrayed the Russian president just like his own country and today he has become one of the most vocal anti-Putin critic in Europe openly denouncing the Russian president for not allowing western multinational corporations to loot and pillage his country and make Russia a vassal state. It is no secret that Gyurcsany is one of the most ardent promoters of foreign interests in Hungary. He and his fringe party are one hundred percent behind the creation of the United States of Europe and the elimination of European nation states. During his term in power, Gyurcsany has already deserved the honorary title of being the first Hungarian prime minister of the post-1956 era who ordered police to shoot peaceful protesters during the 2006 unrest. Apparently, Gyurcsany will apply for Russian visa, so we lean soon whether he is the one affected by the travel ban.

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