Jobbik President Gábor Vona talks about his future plans in interview

Monday, March 23, 2015


- How did you like PM Viktor Orbán state of the nation address?

- I think it was poor.

- He certainly thinks the same of yours.

- I'm sure.

- The other day you said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced a domestic cold war...

- ...I think people are fed up with the bickering of the political parties and they want peace and constructive, forward-looking discussions.

- Can Jobbik bring peace into political discourse?

- One thing is sure, Fidesz and the Socialist party won't bring political renewal...

- Many people are afraid that Jobbik can transform itself into a Fidesz style mainstream people's party.

- The transition to become a people's party is not an easy one, but it is inevitable, if we want to govern the country and not just to stay on the sidelines. There are two temptations, which should be overcome; one is that we remain a fringe party, the other is to become a mainstream party. The first case scenario means cowardice and incompetence the second involves dishonesty.

- The other day you defended the concept of democratic Hungary opposing Fidesz view on the issue. What is this encirclement?

- The Fidesz party is building a country based on vassalage. It builds a middle class from top-down on the basis of political loyalty. I think just the opposite, it is the disappearing lower-middle class that needs to be saved. Not on the basis of party loyalty, but on the basis of diligence, talent and integrity. The Fidesz party promotes interest-based policy, we on the other hand promoting a merit-based society. I think this is one of the most important differences between us and the Fidesz party regarding the future of our country.

- Now, let's change subject and speak a little bit about other issues.

- Well, this is getting interesting ...

- Is it true that you are a "misogynist” and what does your wife think about this?

- Hmm. Probably, she will never again packs away my used socks off the couch.

- It is a good joke, but according to (an extremist liberal news portal ed.), the King Attila Strategic National Academy, where you also teach, promotes hatred of women...

- Ridiculous. They've already accused me of being a Nazi, Gypsy, Jew, gay, Russian agent, Islam admirer, fundamentalist Christian, esoteric thinker, and who knows what else and now, comes this…

- So, you don't hate women.

- I hate no one, and certainly not women. Which bothers me is violent feminism.

- Why?

- Because I think feminism is based on an error. It wants to transform women into men so that genders to become indistinguishable. Equality is a legitimate objective, I agree with that, but to make us lookalikes is morbid I think. This is the point where bearded women come into the picture. Gender roles created by God, or if who you prefer nature. Our job is to bring the best out of the differences - women should act like women and men should act like men. It's that simple.

- You mean woman should do the housework?

- Female roles are fundamentally changed. My wife is an intellectual woman, constantly looking for new challenges, she writes articles, and currently, researching the lives of aristocratic families, and she has other plans too. It is also true that she is more patient with our son than me, she does the cooking, the housework and creates a homely atmosphere. By the way, I'm not a bad cook either.

- ...The head of King Attila Strategic National Academy Imre Tibor Baranyi, who is also one of your chief advisors according to, promoting Ferenc Szálasi in classes (an ally of Hitler in the last days of the Second World War ed.)

- I've heard that the editors of praying to Stalin for better harvest in their lunch time every day.

- You are joking again ...

- Because these lies are tragicomic.

- Imre Tibor Baranyi?

- His book on “Tradition and Hungarians” I think is a decisive work. Having said that we argue a lot especially, on daily political issues. We are long time friends as well, and as an adviser his insights on primarily metaphysical issues are important to me.

- What politics has to do with metaphysics?

- Directly nothing, but I'm not only the president of the Jobbik party, but also an individual who is interested in the ultimate questions. Most of my life is about politics, but not the whole.

- You are also accused of being anti-Christian and a follower of occult doctrines.

- what occult doctrines?

- Julius Evola and Friedrich Nietzsche.

- I have a high regard for both thinkers; they shaped of my thoughts; their criticism of Christianity are great readings, but, my views are certainly not against the church, I try to find some kind of truth within religious context. There are other thinkers that need to be mentioned here: Meister Eckhart, János Szent Keresztes and Ottokar Prohászka.

- They are not mainstream thinkers either.

- That's right. What's the question?

- Nothing, lets get back to the academy. According to rumors, your want to restore the House of Habsburgs.

- Good Lord, how many times do I have to deny this rumor! Seriously, can you imagine me standing side by side with György Habsburg?

- Does your readings influence your work as party president?

- Not at all. Nobody has suffered any disadvantage in the Jobbik party because he hasn't read Béla Hamvas, neither gained any advantage because of the opposite.

- Are you familiar with the philosophic outlook of the other leaders of the party?

- Good question ... I'm not. The authors I mentioned shaped my character, my attitude and my thinking as an individual, but they didn't influence my political activities. In other words, philosophy is my hobby, but as a party leader I work on the program of the party, and preparing to govern the country, because this is my job as a politician. Everybody has some hobby. There are people that prefer horse races, others football... mine is reading historical and philosophical books.

- Have you ever met Vladimir Putin?

- Not yet.

- First, I guess you have to win the general election.

- That's right.

- What countries do you plan to visit first after winning the next general election?

- I plan to visit Germany, Russia and Turkey.

- Are German government officials willing to meet you?

- This is indeed a difficult question. In Turkey and Russia Jobbik is considered as a reliable partner to work with. Personally, I have a lot of important contacts in both countries, but to ease the Germans' anti-Jobbik phobias will be a challenge.

- You can always ask help from Viktor Orbán.

- If there is something I envy him is his good German contacts, which is really essential for Hungary. We still need more work to convince the Germans that Jobbik is not a neo-Nazi party, as the German mainstream press picture us, but we are a national people's party. But I think we are getting closer to this in each passing day.

- Secret negotiations?

- Let's just say that Jobbik is open to all sorts of contacts.

- And what about the United States?

- It may sound incredible, but I do not want bad relations with the US either; the only thing that I don't want is to be dragged into a war with Russia.

- NATO membership entails obligations.

- NATO is a defense alliance.

- What if Russia attacks?

- This is not our war. Hungary needs to remain neutral at all costs. Instead, we should think about what will happen when the country is flooded by hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian refugees.

- It seems that the situation in Eastern Ukraine is calming down.

- I hope you are right, but I am afraid what we are seeing today is the calm before the storm. Therefore, if I must, I'm going to repeat every day, Hungary needs peace and should not take part in any military operation regarding Ukraine.

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