Jobbik welcomes the Fidesz government's decision to adopt the party's foreign policy initiatives

Monday, March 9, 2015

Jobbik is pleased to see that the Fidesz government has adopted a long standing Jobbik policy directive regarding the diversification of Hungary's foreign policy said Jobbik floor leader Márton Gyöngyösi reacting to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's remarks at the ambassadorial meeting today.

The opposition politician said: The Orbán Government a bit late, but finally adopted "Jobbik foreign policy initiative based on the German-Turkish-Russian triangle; this foreign policy strategy alone serves Hungarian national interests said Gyöngyösi.

Jobbik also welcomes the government's acknowledgment of the obvious facts that the Hungarian economy can't be solely based on the export activities of multinational corporations; instead, the development of domestic economy has to be given priority so that it can play a major part in the country's economic growth.

Gyöngyösi on the other hand indicated that Jobbik strongly opposes the prime minister's initiative to create an Euro-Atlantic coalition in the context of war against the Islamic State.

"We continue to believe that Hungary shouldn't be involved militarily in the conflict, because previous press statements clearly demonstrated that it was the west that created the Islamic State and therefore, it is the west's responsibility to deal with it wrote the Jobbik politician.

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