New Ipsos poll: Jobbik catching up with Fidesz in popular support

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

New Iposos poll shows that the Jobbik party is closing in on Fidesz among the total population. Fidesz support is stagnant while Jobbik realized its best result since the party has been formed. The poll was conducted between March 6 and 13. Fidesz popularity is unchanged comparing to the previous month (21%), Jobbik on the other hand increased its support from 16% to 18 % during this period.

Present data indicates that Fidesz has 1.7 million supporters, Jobbik has nearly 1.5 million and the MSZP has 1 million supporters.

Support of the globalist fringe parties doesn't reach the threshold limit necessary to win a seat in parliament.

Among decided voters Jobbik increased its support from 25% in February to 28% in March. In this category Fidesz has 37% support and the socialist party has 19% support.

The poll indicates that one tenth of Fidesz supporters - approximately 200 thousand voters - switched side and went over to the Jobbik party; Jobbik also managed to win over roughly 350 thousand formerly undecided voters.

Jobbik is getting especially strong among the twenties and thirties age group; in this category Jobbik clearly leads by 21 % support followed by Fidesz with 17% support.

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