News brief: EU blocks Hungary’s €12bn nuclear deal with Russia – Financial Times

Friday, March 13, 2015

Euratom hasn't approved the import of nuclear fuel from Russia for two power stations will be constructed by Rosatom in the coming years reported the Financial Times on Thursday.

Hungary has appealed against the verdict, but the European Commission backed the decision. This means that the commission effectively torpedoed the construction of the two new power plants in Paks by using the same bullying tactics it used when forced Bulgaria to shut down the South Stream gas pipeline project.

Nobody who understands a bit of the decision making process of those forces that run the European Union is surprised by the decision as the empire uses all available means at its disposal to discipline faltering vassal states. It's time to start decoupling the country from the European project that proved over and over again that it works against the interests of it member states.

In the mean time, in a radio interview Friday morning János Lázár announced that ministry officials recently held detailed discussions with Euratom, and there was a good chance to clarify all open issues within a short period of time adding that on Thursday he also held talks with the Russian side.

"A solution which is acceptable to the European Commission, Russia and Hungary is in the making," said Lázár. This solution will provide a safe and competitive energy supply to Hungary, on the other hand, it will allow to the Russians side to supply fuel to the Paks nuclear power plant.

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