A 37-year-old gypsy criminal was killed following an "altercation" with an officer in Örkény

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The 37-year-old wanted man didn't show up in correctional institution to start serving his sentence for theft. Police officers under arrest warrant entered the home of the criminal to arrest him upon which the man attacked the officers with an ax. One of the officers used his gun to divert the ax attack. The bullet hit the criminal's chest who as a result, died on the scene.

Pest County Police investigating the circumstances of the use of coercive means.

Police spokesperson said the weapon was used in accordance with standards established by the Solicitor General; this has been established by law enforcement personnel, and crime scene investigators that visited the crime scene during the night.

The Attorney General's Office also ordered an investigation in the case.

The criminal's brother said to journalists that when the officer shot the man the ax was no longer in his hand but he was fleeing. (You decide who you believe))

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