Gypsy criminal charged with minor offense – rapid intervention saved the life of his victim

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A gypsy criminal stabbed a young man in a Seregélyes disco out of frustration for the taxi he was waiting for arrived too late.

Local police and ambulance arrived to the crime scene in no time. Thanks to the rapid intervention by police, ambulance attendants, doctors, and the life-saving intervention of friends, the boy survived the attack.

Two suspects were taken to Fejér county police station, where they were interrogated and later released from custody.

The father of the victim said while police arrived to the crime scene quickly and captured the suspects on the scene the fact that they released the suspects from custody and charged them only with a minor offense was scandalous.

It is obvious that controlled law enforcement agencies are under order to whitewash and cover up gypsy crime – every sane person understands that in Hungary.

Police made the victim of this senseless attack to sign a document admitting that due to the altercation he suffered only minor injuries. The family of the victim is still in shock and can't believe what happened.

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