The Hungarian Air Force facing major problems; a third of pilots planning to leave the army to work for civilian airlines

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Third of Hungarian Air Force pilots are planning to quit the army and work for civilian airlines due to financial reasons.

According to "Magyar Nemzet", problems have been brewing in the army for quite some time, and several factors play a role in the pilots' decision.

The Army has had no notable wage increase for almost one and a half decades.

According to sources, the other reason that the pilots and ground support technicians plan to leave the Air Force because there is no professional career advancement opportunities in the Armed Forces.

The plan jeopardizes the Air Force's capability to undertake international missions. To train new pilots is expensive and a lengthy process.

The training system in the Hungarian Armed Forces has changed unfavorably in recent years. According to critics, "the new training system focuses on turning out multifunctional soldiers", which is incompatible with the need of sophisticated training methods required by the Air Force.

Critics say that training in the army focuses on developing - often outdated - military skills meanwhile, new recruits have to handle expensive and sophisticated military hardware - they spend less time in classrooms than bicycle repair students.

This year the ministry of defense announced some ten percent wage increase for military personnel, but according to critics this won't be enough on the long run to stop pilots and ground technicians from leaving the Air Force in significant numbers.

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