The ministry of defense initiated correction of Soviet Memorial inscriptions

Friday, March 6, 2015

The Hungarian ministry of defense (MoD) approached Moscow with a formal request to grant permission to the amendment of Soviet Memorial inscriptions in the Fiume Street Soviet Memorial Garden in Budapest reported the ministry of defense on Thursday.

The Hungarian-Russian Intergovernmental Joint Commission responsible for the maintenance of war memorials met in Budapest and informed each other of ongoing projects aiming to preserve war graves situated in the territory of the two countries.

At the meeting the Hungarian side suggested to change the 1956 monumental inscriptions as they are violating the basic law. The defense ministry sent a proposal of the planned changes through diplomatic channels to the Russian side.

Earlier, Defense Minister Csaba Hende suggested at the Hungarian-Russian Intergovernmental joint committee meeting that the Soviet memorial inscriptions violating the Hungarian Basic Law. The minister stressed that the Hungarian side proposed a new inscription, which could include the following: "For the memory of Soviet soldiers killed during the 1956 events".

The communique states that the Russian side has not yet given its consent to the proposed changes.

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