Another nameless victim of predatory capitalism was put to rest in Pusztaottlak

Monday, April 20, 2015

The mayor dug the grave, members of the municipal council carried the coffin to the grave site, and a municipal clerk performed the funeral oration in the small village of Pusztaottlak with the population of five hundred. The village buried a forty-five-year-old man who committed suicide.

Even by performing most funeral related activities by members of the municipal council according to calculations, the public funeral expenses exceeded HUF 150 thousand said Pusztaottlak clerk Eszter Komlódi.

The public funeral law specifies if the deceased person or his/her family doesn't have sufficient funds to bury the dead, the municipality has to pick up the tab.

The cost could have been double if we don't do the grave digging, the transport of the coffin to the burial site and perform the funeral oration said clerk Eszter Komlódi. She admitted that this was the first time she performed a funeral oration and was a little nervous. She recited a poem written by Sándor Márai. After the funeral villagers thanked her for the beautiful farewell words.

Pusztaottlak is a small village near Békéscsaba. Due to the increase of costs of living and hopelessness the 45 year-old man committed suicide; because he and his family had no property the municipality had to assume the expenses of the funeral.

Even by performing most funeral related jobs by members of the municipal council and villagers the municipality had to pay for the forensic autopsy as well as for the storage of corpse. The coffin was also paid for by the municipality. Therefore, Mayor György Simonka has decided that public funerals should be as cost-effective as possible; if there is no other way to reduce the expenses of public funerals all funeral related activities must be performed by members of the municipal council that by the way have already gave up portion of their salaries due to budget constraint.

No matter what the dead must be buried with honor. The village always helps; there are many poor people live in the village. This is not the first time we had such a sad case said the mayor. We've saved lots of money by performing most funeral related work by ourselves says clerk Lászk Györgyné who was assigned to ring the church bell during the funeral.

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