Details of Tóásó's rescue from Bolivia.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

One of the associates of the Baptist Aid Service Csaba Lukács who took part in the rescue operation talked to Hir TV and revealed some of the details led to the rescue of Előd Tóásó and Mario Tadic from Bolivia.

Since it has become crystal clear that Bolivian authorities had no intention of allowing Tóásó to leave the country a rescue operation became unavoidable.

It was a covert operation and was carried out hastily because Bolivian secret service watched Tóásó day and night; if they would have noticed something suspicious they had easily created a fake event, like a fictitious car theft involving Tóásó to find a reason to re-arrest him said Lukács.

Tóásó left home without the knowledge of his wife by taxi and arrived to Chungara road border crossing located 4650 meters above sea level Friday afternoon in Central European Time.

Organizers of the rescue operation have chosen this particular border crossing because the result of a real study carried out of all border crossing by them showed that this particular border crossing wasn't linked to the central computer monitoring system and it was also learned that Friday afternoon border guards seem more relaxed when checking travelers' personal documents.

The goal was to obtain an exit stamp in Tóásó's temporary passport in order to uphold the legality of the operation on the surface. Associates of the Baptist Aid Service, after some discussion convinced border guards to stamp Tóásó's temporary passport and let him go – the official explanation was that he lost his original one. After that Tóásó could cross into Chile without any difficulty.

Mario Tadic left the country by showing his personal identity card to the border guards because he is a dual Bolivian-Croatian citizen.

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