Előd Tóásó and Mario Tadic escaped Bolivia

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Six years and eight days after they were arrested in Santa Cruz, Bolivia early Friday evening Előd Tóásó and Croatian citizen Mario Tadic have been spirited out of Bolivia as a result of a joint operation by the Baptist Aid Service and the Hungarian foreign ministry.

The operation took place near Chungara border crossing at an altitude of 4650 meters above sea level as the La Paz government didn't return the passport of the former prisoners more than two months after they were released from jail; the Bolivian government also didn't comply with the plea bargain agreement.

Tóásó and Tadic as the defendants of the so-called terrorist trial released from jail after five years and ten months confinement as a result of a plea bargain but could not leave the country.

It is not clear in what country they are now and what happened with Tóásó's Bolivian wife.

A few days earlier Bolivian army officer Germán Cardona escaped Bolivia and sought political asylum in Spain. The colonel issued a statement in which he revealed that the decisive evidence - the so called arms evidence - against the defendants of the terrorist trial were borrowed from a military warehouse by the Bolivian government - the arms were confiscated from a drug trafficking gang. As a result of the revelation, Tóásó and Tadic expect that based on the new information the Bolivian opposition will ask the annulment of the verdict, because they have been convicted of aiding and abetting an armed uprising.


New photo shows a Chilean Border sign in the distance indicating that Tóásó and Tadic are in Chile right now.


A member of the Baptist Aid Service who took part in the action movie style rescue operation Csaba Lukács revealed that the two former prisoners had to be spirited out of the country by devising a covert plan to avoid the attention of the intelligence agencies of Bolivia.

Tóásó's Bolivian family members remained in the country; they will be brought to Hungary in the next couple of days said Lukács, who talked to MTI Hungarian New Agency Sunday morning.

Lukács explained that the "rescue team" did not keep in touch with Tóásó personally; they communicated with him by covert means. Tóásó left his home early Friday morning; he took a cab and changed it several times to evade the attention of the secret service while arriving at the point of contact. Apparently, not even his wife knew about the plan. Tóásó and Tadic are in Chile right now, they are safe and sound explained Lukács.

The covert operation was justified because Tóásó and Tadic feared for their lives; the Bolivian Intelligence Agency watched their every move. He noted: that although Tóásó served his sentence Bolivian authorities did not return his passport, and the agreements concluded with the Hungarian government has been violated by the Bolivian side.

According to Lukács, Tóásó and Tadic feared for their lives in Bolivia, that's why they asked for help from Hungary.

Tóásó is expected to arrive in Budapest early Monday afternoon.

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