Hungarian language city and road signs have been vandalized in Transcarpathia

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Hungarian language city, road and tourist signs have been vandalized and Hungarian flags were torn apart by unknown perpetrators in Ungvár and the surrounding municipalities in Transcarpathia. Ukrainian police launched an investigation in the case.

The perpetrators sprayed black paint over Hungarian language city signs and vandalized many of the road signs.

In Eszény and Tiszaásvány - both villages located near the Ukrainian-Hungarian border - unknown perpetrators ripped the Hungarian flag from the local high school building and community center and vandalized Hungarian language traffic signs.

The Transcarpathian Hungarian Cultural Association (KMKSZ) Presidency issued a statement condemning the barbaric act calling authorities to investigate the case and find the perpetrators. The KMKSZ also filed a criminal complaint in the case.

Transcarpathia county governor Vasil Hubal met Hungary's Ungvár consul on Monday in the governor's office to discuss the situation in the wake of the atrocious attack on the Hungarian community. The governor condemned the act of vandalism promising that the county will do its best to find the perpetrators.

The Hungarian Consul General said: "Governor Hubal strongly condemned the recent attack on the Hungarian community, which took place early Monday morning; the governor ordered authorities to clean up the city signs and restore the damaged road signs in Eszény, Nagydobrony and Kisdobrony.

The governor called on Transcarpathian law enforcement agencies to clarify the situation and find the perpetrators.

According to, Governor Vasil Hubal held a press-conference in Ungvár and suggested that there were forces that want to destabilize the situation in the peaceful and tranquil Transcarpathia. He believes that damaging Hungarian language signs was an attempt to create ethnic tension in this still peaceful region of Ukraine.

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