Miskolc will be the first Hungarian city to set up sheriff's offices

Monday, April 13, 2015

Miskolc will be the first Hungarian city that sets up sheriff's offices - said Fidesz parliamentary group spokesman for Miskolc András Hollósy to M1 morning show.

Public consultations regarding the introduction of a new street policing system started in January. According to the spokesman of the Fidesz party, there is a definite need for a system like this among residents of Miskolc (which is a heavily crime infested city with a sizable gypsy population); citizens want a new crime prevention system implemented based on community based policing, which is available 24 hours a day for all citizens said the Fidesz spokesman.

According to victims of crime, police are too slow to react when it comes to responding criminal offences.

Victims of crime are also reluctant to testify in court as the system is too bureaucratic (and because criminals threaten witnesses and victims of crimes with reprisals ed.).

The new community based crime prevention policy intended to focuse on crime infested neighborhoods. It is more likely that the planned new crime prevention program will win the confidence of residents said city officials.

Sheriffs won't be incorporated into the regular police force but will function as independent agency.

Miskolc city council plans to set up sheriff's offices in all 20 electoral districts. Sheriff's offices will be in direct contact with police, and other municipal law enforcement agencies. Officials expect that the the new system will greatly contribute to the decline in the crime in the city the spokesman added.

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