Patriot groups boycotting products produced by Ukrainian President Perto Proshenko's companies

Thursday, April 23, 2015

"Feltámadunk" Facebook page announced the boycott of chocolate products produced by Ukrainian President Petro Proshenko's companies. Several patriot groups joined the initiative, among others the Sixty-four County Youth movement and Betyársereg.

The boycott targeting all Roshen and Bonbonetti products owned by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko since 2012.

According to organizers, everyone who buys Roshen and Bonbonetti products supports the forced conscription of Transcarpathian Hungarians into the Ukrainian army and therefore, responsible for the death of ethnic Hungarians on the eastern front.

The following products are being targeted:

- Tibi csoki
- Duna kavics
- Francia drazsé
- Bonbonetti termékek
- Americana csokoládé
- Happy Gum rágógumi
- Cherry Queen konyakmeggyek

"Feltámadunk" Facebook page


Elektrone Motyo said...

Darn! Tibi csoki, Duna kavics, Francia drazsé are among my favorites....

Anonymous said...

Proshenko bought up the most popular Hungarian brands, yet the boycott must proceed.

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