Popular Mayor of Ásotthalom László Toroczkai wants to revive sustainable living on small farms

Friday, April 24, 2015

Members of the Sixty-Four Counties Youth Movement (HVIM) gathered in Ásotthalom to meet the founder of the movement, mayor of the town László Toroczkai.

Toroczkai told young people that his main goal was to revitalize the region by saving the scattered small farms from disappearing.

Young people came from all over the Carpathian basin and received a guided tour from the first man of the municipality; Toroczkai showed them the only Sándor Rózsa museum in the country. The legendary Hungarian “betyár” (outlaw) operated in the region in the nineteenth century; he died in Szamosújvár jail on November 22, 1878. His prison cell has been meticulously reconstructed based on historical records.

Legendary “betyár” (outlaw) Sándor Rózsa

In recent months Ásotthalom received lots of media coverage in Europe due to the flood of illegal immigrants crossing the Schengen border from Serbia. Several foreign networks including BBC interviewed Toroczkai, who initially tried to stop the onslaught of illegal immigrants with only a few rangers.

Members of the youth movement visited the border area where illegal immigrants habitually crossing the undefended Hungarian – Serbian border with the help of human smugglers. After several hours of border inspection they haven't seen a single border guard or police officer – meaning that the border still unprotected; while there, they managed to turn back dozens of illegal immigrants wanting to cross the border.

The program also included attending a weekend Mass, touring a bunker and performing volunteer work at ten farms. The young people visited mostly elderly people living alone who badly needed help. They chopped wood, built a fence, and carried out all sorts of farm related work. The charitable work only lasted a few hours, but the elderly people were very grateful and thankful for the help.

Toroczkai said the gathering had another purpose; he wanted to introduce farm life to people living in cities and encourage them to buy cheap farmhouses and live a healthier lifestyle in the countryside. Toroczkai also lives on a farm with his family; he couldn't stop emphasizing how much happier he is now comparing when he lived in Budapest and Szeged.

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My congratulation for the Mayor speech regarding the immigrants. That means to be a real patriot.

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