Russian food safety inspectors arrived in Hungary to carry out spot checks

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Russian food safety inspectors have arrived in Hungary to carry out spot checks in several Hungarian food processing plants most of which were already audited before and found safe by Russian authorities reported the ministry of agriculture on Monday.

National chief veterinarian Lajos Bognár said the Russian experts carry out food safety inspections jointly with their Hungarian colleagues.

The inspectors visit among others Pick, Kométa, and Master Good plants, which means that poultry processing and dairy companies are also on the checklist.

The aim of the current spot checks is to ensure that Hungarian meat exports to Russia can resume as soon as the Russian side eases the embargo imposed on the European Union as a response to the EU sanctions.

According to a statement issued by the Russian ministry of agriculture at the beginning of this month, Russian Federal Veterinary and Plant Protection Service starts discussions with Greek and Hungarian authorities of the resumptions of meat exports to Russia.

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