Swimmer Anna Olasz wins gold in French Open Water Swimming Championships 5 km event

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Anna Olasz won the French Open Water Swimming Championships 5 km event in Noumea, New Caledonia on Sunday.

In the 10 km event a day before Anna finished second in the World Cup tournament winning silver medal.

According to the Hungarian Swimming Federation, today's circumstances were somewhat better compared to the previous day. This time, swimmers had to compete in the Pacific Ocean only in a 25 km / h wind.

The Hungarian swimmer took lead early on and in the second round she even increased her lead over French swimmer Aurélie Muller who won the yesterday's race.

Anna will compete next time on May 2nd in Mexican World Cup series and in Balatonfüred, Hungary on June 20; the event will be part of the the Hungarian Swimming Day celebration as well.


French Open Water Championships:

Women, 5 km:

1. Anna Olasz 58:19.70
2. Aurélie Muller (France) 59:14:40
3. Adelina Furst (Frence) 59:16:00

(MTI –


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