Top architectural concepts have been chosen for the New Hungarian National Gallery

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Nine top design agencies around the world submitted outstanding design concepts for the New Hungarian National Gallery as part of an international architectural competition.

Hungarian and international jury have found Pritzker Prize-winning SANAA (Sejima and Nishizawa and Associates) and also Pritzker Prize-winning Snøhetta design agencies' submissions the best concepts overall.

The winning design will be chosen on the basis of technical and financial considerations.

The Hungarian media asked the general public to pick the best design and clearly, Snøhetta design agency's pyramid concept came out on top.

Some Hungarian architects however, arguing that the city park is not the best location for the museum. Even if the “Liget” city park has been designated as the new museum district of the capital, there is no justification that every single museum should be located on the same spot.

Architect Gábor Zoboki argues that the New Hungarian National Gallery should be built in the historic Castle District; to demonstrate his views he came up with an alternative architectural concept for the museum situated in the Castle District. Zoboki's design concept is also very popular with the public.

Snøhetta design agency's submission depicts a pyramid shape structure exploring the relationship between nature and the urban environment

SANAA architectural concept envisions a structure that incorporates eastern motifs as the central theme of the design

Architect Gábor Zoboki's alternative concept depicts a structure based on classical architecture blended with post-modern elements

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