Ukrainian chauvinist group “Карпатска Сич” threatens Jobbik and HVIM sympathizers of Transcarpathia with assassination

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Even before the civil war Ukrainian chauvinists vandalized the “Honfoglalás” memorial on a regular basis

“Карпатска Сич” threatened Jobbik and HVIM sympathizers in Transcarpathia with assasination because according to the organization these individuals creating tension in Transcarpathia and undermine the authority of the Ukrainian state.

The chauvinist organization issued a statement yesterday accusing Russia of being behind the recent vandalism of Hungarian language signs in several ethnic Hungarian villages to create instability in the region and provoke ethnic tension between the Ukrainian and ethnic Hungarian population of Transcarpatia.

Agent provocateurs sprayed black paint over Hungarian language signs, which is an obvious provocation by Russian agents that long been preparing to destabilize Transcapathia read the statement adding that the disinformation campaign in the region that started long time ago now getting operational.

Responding to the threat Jobbik foreign critic of the Hungarian parliament Márton Gyöngyösi and member of the Parliament's National Security Committee Ádám Mirkóczki issued a statement calling on the government to protect Transcarpathian Hungarian citizens as “Карпатска Сич” threatens them with assassination – anyone can be accused of being an activist.

Jobbik and the HVIM always supported Hungarian-Ruthenian autonomy efforts and spoke out against the puppet Kiev regime's chauvinist, anti-minority policies and measures, but they've never used any unlawful means to interfere in Ukrainian internal affairs read the Jobbik statement.

Jobbik is calling for the convening of the Foreign and National Security Committee joint meeting in order to learn what do the Hungarian government and other competent national authorities and diplomats wish to do to protect Transcarpathia Hungarian citizens.

Jobbik and its ally the HVIM don't allow anyone to interfere with their political agenda aiming to protect Transcarpathian Hungarians.

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