Vona: Jobbik is the party of the 21st century

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The envious opposition slandering the Jobbik party by calling it Nazi because it tries to stigmatize it; but the public is sick and tired of hate-mongering by our opponents and nobody pays attention anymore. These vile forces trying to quarantine Jobbik to exclude it from the political process said Gábor Vona at a press-conference held on Gyöngyös on Monday.

Assessing the Tapolca interim parliamentary elections Vona said the Tapolca election victory was a milestone event in the last 25 years. It was also a dress rehearsal for the 2018 general elections. In Tapolca Jobbik has won its first individual mandate since its formation, which was a major step in the direction to become a mainstream party; this was the first time in the post-communist era that a political party that was not part of the communist regime change in the 1990s won an individual mandate in the Hungarian parliament adding that Jobbik considers the communist regime change a deceptive, fraudulent sham.

Vona also remarked that the Tapolca election victory is even sweater if we take into account the fact that Jobbik won it without participating in the usual mud-slinging campaign a regular feature of Hungarian elections. Vona said in Tapolca 21st century Jobbik politics defeated 20th century manipulators. Fidesz and the Socialist party still preoccupied with 20th century problems and as a result, both parties manifest 20th century reflexes but Jobbik continues to address 21st century issues.

In Hungarian politics, this will become more of a watershed in the future - 19-20th century "right, left, conservative, liberal" political categories increasingly becoming meaningless said Vona.

Regarding Jobbik decision to remodel the party to become a people's party Vona remarked that this was a strategic shift that was decided on in 2013.

While Jobbik preserves the core values ​of its program, the party's political style and attitude change in order to become more attractive with the broadest social strata said Vona.

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