Gábor Vona: Nazi sympathizers have no place in the Jobbik party

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Jobbik 12th party congress was held in Budapest Congress Center on Saturday.

Party President Gábor Vona delivered a speech outlining Jobbik strategy to win the next general election.

Here are some of the highlights

The 2018 parliamentary election will be decided between Fidesz and Jobbik.

"We're going to win the next parliamentary elections, then, we take a deep breath and rebuild our country," said Vona emphasizing nothing can stop Jobbik to become people's party.

At the beginning of 2015 it was already felt that Fidesz was in a losing spiral: Veszprém mid-term elections proved that the electorate wants change. Jobbik proved in Tapolca mid-term elections that Fidesz can be defeated.

To win the next general election, Jobbik needs a strong program and calmness. Vona said PM Viktor Orbán also started to see that changes were needed in the country; as a result, he started emphasizing the importance of people based policies, which is an admission that up until now, Fidesz had different priorities.

The party president said Fidesz and the socialist party's endless fight for power kept the country in the 20th century while we have already been living in the 21st century. He cited as an example the construction of the German occupation memorial: What did we benefit from building that monument? - meanwhile the people are getting more destitute.

Vona stressed that only the Jobbik party can lead the country into the 21st-century; it is necessary to draw a real fault line to the people, which is not drawn between right and left, but between the 20th and the 21st century.

The Jobbik president compared the current situation of the country to a trench where people are hiding in a relative security and shooting from there, while they stand still. He on the other hand, came out of the trench that's why he is fired at from all directions.

It would be wise if many of those who consider him a Nazi could come out of the trenches and "would dare to say that this was enough," and instead, they started rebuilding the country.

Change is painful, but that which does not change is dead. The country must also change; Jobbik will eliminate all obstacles from the party that work against changes.

"Those who are longing for Nazi romance, (...) have no place in the party"; Vona promised that he will get rid of the fortune seekers that attached themselves to Jobbik as the party is getting increasingly more popular.

The country needs a strong and peaceful force because violence is not an option in politics; today the country is characterized by arrogance and corruption. Vona stressed that politics must serve the people; if Jobbik wins the next general election it will hold the current political establishment accountable for the past twenty-five years. He hinted the establishment of a strict anti-corruption office which will be "scary even for us."

Vona compared Jobbik people's party status to a fruit tree which has one root, but feeds everybody.

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