Grandiose mosque to be built in Budapest?

Friday, May 15, 2015

Macaristan Budapeşte Camii ve Külliyesi

According to rumors flying around in Budapest, a Turkish company planning to build a grandiose mosque in the Hungarian capital. Apparently, the idea to build a mosque in Hungary has come from the Turkish Religious Affairs Ministry.

So far no official confirmation of the plan has been issued but the visualization of the planned mosque released by Turkish organization "Türkiye Diyana Vakfi" on its Youtube channel.

An inquiry was sent to the Turkish embassy in Budapest by regarding the nature of the rumors, but the newspaper hasn't received any answer from the embassy yet.

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Géza said...

I warned about this many times. This is how the muslims work to colonize the whole of Europe.

First they demand (muslim) immigrants from the third world to enter (while they don't take in "refugees")
When the immigrants are inside the country, the demand all kinds of rights.
They start building huge mosques all over the country...

If Hungary and the other Eastern Europian countries don't resist this and fight back, we will be doomed and end up like Western Europe.

It's time to wake up Hungarians, we became the target of the muslims now!

Read this (if you can read Hungarian)

Anonymous said...

Agree, this is a Christian nation.

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